The Community of the Beatitudes is a Catholic community present in twenty countries. It brings together in the same family consecrated sisters, brothers, priests and lay members, married or single, who share a fraternal life, a prayer life and mission. They wish to follow Christ on the path of the Beatitudes.

Young People

Beatitudes Missions is an apostolate of the Community of the Beatitudes based at the Holy Site of Emmaus Nicopolis, Israel. We help young people take time for spiritual growth, mission, and discernment, experiences of pilgrimage, intentional community, service, and so many encounters with the Church, Eastern Christians, Jews...


The site of the Breaking of the Bread is located 30km west of Jerusalem, where the mountains of Judea meet the the Valley of Ayalon. In the 7th century, the Byzantine Christian city was left in ruins by the Muslims. Following the revelations of St. Mariam of Bethlehem, Christians have rediscovered the site and re-established a place of worship.